Live Forums

Join our live forums taking place on facebook on the third Thursday of every month. This interactive forum is a way to connect with a vibrant community of facilitators, youth workers, workshop leaders, and educators around the world. We’ve designed the process for optimum sharing of ideas and experience across distance.

Each live forum focuses on a specific aspect of Creative Empowerment facilitation and is led by a Partners for Youth Empowerment trainer or lead facilitator. These events are free and lots of fun.

All are welcome! If you work with groups of youth or adults, or want to increase your impact and creativity, you will benefit. Join us live on Facebook or view the transcript/recording below (scroll down to end of page).


How it works

Where: Join us in our private facebook group

Duration: 90 minutes

You are free to come and go throughout the assembly. Participate as your schedule allows and feel free to return later to review parts of the discussion you missed!

Format: It’s entirely written. We begin with a brief check-in and a set of goals and agreements that everyone can contribute to. The facilitator guides the discussion.

When: 3rd Thursday of every month

Time: 8am Seattle / Vancouver | 11am Toronto / Bogota | 2pm Rio de Janeiro | 4pm London | 6pm Cape Town | 9:30pm Bangalore

Visit a time zone conversion clock to determine the start time in your area.


Meet Your Facilitator: Nadia Chaney, Director of Training

Nadia is an intermodal artist and community arts facilitator. She is currently Director of Training at Partners for Youth Empowerment, and has been working with the Creative Empowerment Model since 2003. She specializes in conflict transformation, anti-oppression and creative risk-taking. Her Master’s studies focussed on the use of Metaphor in teaching and she is now a PhD candidate studying the ethics and aesthetics of Time in group dynamics.

Nadia was born in Saskatoon, grew up in Ottawa, matured in Vancouver and currently lives in Montreal; all of which she recognizes as the traditional territory of the indigenous peoples who are its rightful stewards.


Transcripts of Past Forums

Take a look at PDF transcripts of past topics including mindfulness in facilitation, self-love for facilitators, and the power of body and voice in a workshop environment. Simply click on the link to download the file.

We welcome your suggestions for live forum topics. Please email

Personal Development

Aftermath: February 2018 

Self-Belief: March 2018

Presence: January 2018

Patience: November 2017

Facilitation and the Inner Life: October 2017

Developing Your Style: September 2017

The Ups and Downs of Personal Vulnerability in Facilitation: May 2017 

Personal Journey of a Facilitator: April 2016 

Transforming Limiting Beliefs as Facilitators: October 2015 

A Facilitator’s Presence: April 2015 

Self-Love for Facilitators: October 2014

Daily Practices for a Facilitator: June 2014

Working with Intention: January 2014

How do you continue the Learning Journey?: June 2013


Group Dynamics

Adjusting Activities for Different Abilities and Learning Styles: June 2018

Working with Strong Emotion: April 2018

The Strength of Silence: August 2017

Talking Your Process: July 2017

Intervening in Difficult Group Dynamics: January 2017

The Value and Practice of Interrupting in Group Process: February 2017

Equity Centered Facilitation and Safe Spaces: January 2016

Case Studies for Process Design: June 2016

Balancing Voice and Power in Group Dynamics: May 2016

Case Studies for Process Design: September 2016

Facilitating the Elephant in the Room: August 2016

Eye Contact in Group Facilitation: June 2015

The Meaning of Listening in Facilitation: February 2015

Dealing with Broken Agreements: January 2015

Facilitating with Friends and Family: December 2014

Dealing with Broken Agreements: May 2014

Co-Facilitation Best Practices: April 2014

Facilitating with Friends and Family: December 2013



Giving Great Instructions: May 2018

Facilitating Strong Openings and Closings for Camps/Workshops: June 2017

Facilitating One-On-One Conversations: April 2017

Structures and Activities for Group Dialogue: March 2017

When to Share Your Personal Story as a Facilitator: March 2016

Facilitating Anti-Oppression Conversations: July 2016

Visual Arts in Facilitation: August 2015

Facilitation in an Online World: March 2015

Creative Classroom: July 2014

Using Movement with Groups of Mixed Ability: November 2014

Using Mindfulness with Groups: September 2014

Designing Activities: March 2014

Facilitating Activism: February 2014

Poetry Workshop Ideas: November 2013

Ice Breakers: March 2013


“The Live Forum gives me the chance to reflect on my facilitation work with a community of other practitioners. To be able to work through successes and failures, through case studies and examples with others, has allowed me to continue learning and growing in my facilitation."

Andrew Nalani

Partners for Youth Empowerment Lead Facilitator, Uganda/USA, Graduate Student

"The 3rd Thursday Assembly has been immensely helpful to me. My confidence as a facilitator has increased, my connection to the greater community has grown, and I have learned so much.”

Nesreen Ali

Creative Facilitator

“3rd Thursday helps me feel connected to other social artists and deepen my practice. They understand me in a way that no one else does! I get to be celebrated and supported, and I think through the biggest issues in my work.”

Barb Danielewski

Creative Facilitator, Kingston ON, Canada