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Our Vision

We envision a world in which all young people lead creative, purposeful lives.

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Our Model

The Creative Empowerment Model combines EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING, GROUP FACILITATION and ARTS-BASED PRACTICE into a framework for designing and leading transformative programs for youth and adults. Participants develop self-confidence, motivation, social and emotional competence, and leadership – proven predictors of well-being.

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People thrive in arts-rich environments. Easy-to-lead activities drawn from art forms like poetry, visual arts, music, and theater to boost bonding and creativity, build motivation, and bring joy into learning.


We achieve exponential impact by working with individuals and organizations that work directly with youth. We develop partnerships with local organizations and schools who adapt and spread the Creative Empowerment Model in their own work. This leads to a multiplier effect that increases impact.

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Our People

Deepa Narayan
Board Chair, Goa, India, Cortes Island, British Columbia, Canada
Ian Watson
London, England
Gwyn Wansbrough
Executive Director
Nadia Chaney
Director of Training
Helena Hennighausen
US Director
Peggy Taylor
Co-Founder and Creative Director
Peggy Taylor
Seattle, WA
Nadia Chaney
Montreal, QC
Marta Drummond
London, England
Khari McClelland
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Mutya Macatumpag
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Ibanda Grace Flavia
Kampala, Uganda
Peter Evans
Pacific Northwest Native
Donna Parsell
Administrative Assistant
Connie Chung
Boston, Massachusetts
Ella Cooper
Toronto, ON, Canada
Nilisha Mohapatra
Bangalore, India
Vishal Talreja
Bangalore, India
Sarah Downey
Victoria, BC, Canada
Maurits Schouten
London, England
Wayne Silby
Kansas City, MO
Stavroula (Voula) Samara
Athens, Greece
Adam Rosendahl
San Francisco, CA, USA
Rebekka Goldsmith
Seattle, WA, USA
Alan Wong
Seattle, WA, USA
Eric Mulholland
Seattle, WA, USA
Claudia Pineda
Seattle, WA, USA
Andrew Nalani
Brooklyn, NY, USA
Xola Yoyo
Eastern Cape, South Africa
Thandile Giyama
Cape Town, South Africa
Rupinder (Rup) Sidhu
Unceded Coast Salish Territories, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Victoria Watson
London, UK
Cecilia Zanotti
São Paulo, Brazil
Ibanda Mary Frances
Kampala, Uganda
Thomas Arndt
Kirkland, WA, USA
Reid Kuennen
Seattle, WA, USA
Silvia Giovannoni
London, UK
Soasis Sukuweh
Toronto, ON, Canada
Melanie Schambach
London, ON, Canada
Peter Mortifee
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Hatem El Wakeel
Luxor, Egypt
Brigid Tierney
Toronto, ON, Canada
Kelly Terbasket
Syilx (Okanagan) Territory, Penticton, BC, Canada
Larry Black
Barcelona, Spain
Xoli Fulyani
Cape Town, South Africa
Nancy Mortifee
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Sara Kendall
Havana, Cuba
Mari Shibuya
Seattle, WA, USA
Hanif Fazal
Portland, Oregon
Susan Janow
US Program Manager
Bagonza Herman
Kampala, Uganda
Aaron Nigel Smith
Lake Oswego, OR, USA
Hanan Mohammed
Luxor, Egypt
Ruth Barry
Operations Manager
Kathy Ellwand
Lewes, UK
Madhu Shukla
Bangalore, India
Mona Ahmed
Luxor, Egypt
Bira Azevedo
São Paulo, Brazil
Stephanie Turner
London, UK
Themis Gkion
Athens, Greece
David Kafambe
Kampala, Uganda
Nawtej “Nuff” Dosanjh
London, England
Ed Wade-Martins
Lewes, UK
Gani Naylor
Lewes, UK
Devin Majkut
Seattle, WA, USA
Charles D. Terry, JD
Langley, Washington
Julia Pond
London, UK
Abdullah Gohar
Luxor, Egypt
Gail Davenport
Cabin John, MD
Claire Gemmill
Cape Town, South Africa
Chungliang Al Huang
Gold Beach, OR
Devon Little
Seattle, WA, USA
Mark Cheng
London, England

Our Partners

Collaboration lies at the heart of our work.

Our partners include schools, non-profit organizations, and businesses who share a commitment to unleashing the potential of youth. Our partners adapt the Creative Empowerment Model for maximum impact in their communities.

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