Creative Facilitation 1

Using Creative Arts as Facilitation Tools

Barcelona, Spain

This experiential training introduces you to the world of Creative Empowerment Facilitation. You’ll learn strategies for building safety that allows people to take creative risks. You’ll gain a framework for integrating creative practices into all aspects of your facilitation. You’ll build a tool box of easy-to-lead activities you can use the very next day to bring depth and heart to your programs.

You’ll experience the life enhancing benefits of Creative Facilitation first hand. Expect to walk away with new confidence in your own creativity and ability to be an engaging and inspiring leader.


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May 31 - June 01, 2019
(10am - 6pm)


Learnlife Barcelona, Enrique Granados, 7, 08007, Barcelona, Spain


Two Days

Prerequisites: None

Registration Fee: €200 - €250 on a sliding scale

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Eric Mulholland is an actor, educator, facilitator and all around creative person who has worked with groups of all ages for over 25 years. He studied theatre at the University of LaVerne where he specialized in Creative Dramatics and Acting. Professionally, Eric has acted in regional children’s theatre companies and has appeared in over 50 playsHe has taught drama in regional acting conservatories, schools and community programs around the world. Eric helped launch PYE Global and has traveled extensively as a global trainer for the organization. He enjoys helping teachers and educators discover ways to incorporate drama into their curriculum. Whether through improvisation or focused theatre games, Eric is an advocate for creating fun and vibrant learning environments. He is currently a Master’s degree student at the European Graduate School, studying Expressive Arts Therapy.


Gwyn Wansbrough

Executive Director

Gwyn is a social entrepreneur who has decades' experience launching, delivering, and funding creative initiatives that prepare young people to succeed in school, work, and life. After starting her career in international development, Gwyn discovered a deep passion for the social impact of the arts which has become the focus of her work ever since. In addition to her role as our Executive Director, Gwyn serves on the advisory board of Ashoka Changemaker Schools and on the steering committee of IndigenEYEZ, an organization that brings the Creative Empowerment Model to First Nations communities in British Columbia, Canada. She holds a B.A. in Political Science (Hons) from McGill University and a Master's of International Affairs from Columbia University in New York. Gwyn is originally from Canada and lived many years in Colombia and the UK before moving with her family to Barcelona, Spain. In her spare time Gwyn loves photography, cooking, music, and spending time by the sea.


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