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Connecting with Nature / Connecting with Ourselves with Marisol Rosa-Shapiro  

Susan Janow

May 12, 2020 on Zoom

Our connection to the natural world is one of our greatest resources as facilitators, artists, and humans. In this playful workshop, we'll engage in games, exercises, and role play to explore how the fundamental elements of nature--earth, water, air, and fire--connect us to the world around us, and to our own inner lives. This relaxed, imaginative, embodied experience will invite reflection on our relationship to nature through movement, writing, and conversation. Participants will come away from the workshop full of oxygen, inspiration, and tools for calling on the elements of nature to support our work and our lives.

The SLIDE PRESENTATION will give you an outline of the workshop activities

The MUSIC that we listened to:

  • Shagan by Mamdouh El Gibaly (Album: Takasim Oud 1)
  • Journey of the Elements: Az in Marg Matarsidi: Bouye Sharab (feat. Sepideh Raissadat)
Posted : 09/06/2020 1:27 am