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Engage Your Creativity through Imagination Games with Devon Little and Alan Wong  

Susan Janow

May 5, 2020 on Zoom

Can you really play group imagination games on Zoom? You bet. Join Seattle-based facilitators, Devon Little and Alan Wong, to learn and play groups games that increase joy, creativity, and group connection. These expressive games draw upon theatre, movement, and the written word. While they are designed to help us connect and spark our own imagination, you may be surprised at how creative you can get as a group online. Whether you need a moment of joy or ideas for strengthening your digital communities, workshops, or meetings, this workshop can give you both. 

Imagination Games for Connection and Creativity Resources including music, instructions for the activities, technical notes for teaching online. The activities included are:

  • Open the Door: an Imaginative body warm up
  • Yes, and... (video)
  • Yes, let's... (video)
  • This is not a... (video)
  • Dance Circle
Posted : 09/06/2020 1:25 am