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Keys to Finding Calm | Learning to Regulate Your Nervous System with Tasha Belix  

Susan Janow

August 4, 2020

Join psychologist and facilitator, Tasha Belix, to learn a variety of ways to help your nervous system cope with the many speed bumps we encounter during these chaotic times. You’ll learn activities you can use yourself as well as share with youth and adults in groups you may lead. Tasha will guide you in creating a personal menu to help your nervous system cope with speed bumps.

Using a traffic light as a metaphor you’ll learn:

Green Light: full body activities that work like a gas pedal to add energy to your nervous system
Amber Light: ways to savor the good
Red Light: activities that work like ‘brakes’ to discharge energy/anxiety in a safe way.

Resources from this workshop:

The workshop outline - SLIDES

A compiled list of Tips for Emotional Self Care as shared by the workshop participants

Song list from today's workshop:

  • Águas de Março - by Antônio Carlos Jobim and Regina Ellis
  • Brothers on the Slide - by Cymande
  • Folk Vibe 1 - by TananasComing Home - by Leon Bridges


Posted : 04/08/2020 2:24 pm