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Keys to leading powerful activities for yourself and others

A workshop of the Creative Catalyst Series

Photo credit: Themis Gkion, Sept 2018

Join Bangalore-based facilitator, Nilisha Mohapatra, to learn how to use PYE’s 5 Power Tools to add depth and impact to your work with groups—and to increase your own wellness. You’ll learn how to integrate the 5 Power Tools–imagination, body, voice, rhythm, and mirroring—into existing activities as well as how to use them to design new activities. You’ll also learn why these 5 Power Tools have such a powerfully positive effect on our emotions and our physical wellbeing. Nilisha will be guiding us to learn how to apply these power tools in our work with others as well as how to integrate them into our personal lives to increase our own sense of well being.

9am Seattle / Vancouver | 11am Bogota | 12pm Toronto | 1pm Rio de Janeiro | 5pm London | 6pm Cape Town | 9:30pm Bangalore

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For this workshop, you will need:

  • a quiet space with limited distractions
  • a PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android device with camera, speakers, and microphone
  • a good internet connection (call in will not be available)
  • power for your device to ensure that it lasts for 90 minutes
  • to have Zoom downloaded and updated to version 5.0 on your device before the workshop (See our ZOOM TIPS below)

We welcome you to join the workshop 5 minutes prior to the scheduled start time so that you can get oriented and ready to participate when the meeting starts. Please be aware that the workshop will be closed to new participants 5 minutes after the session starts.

Workshop Fee

Our first 11 weeks of the Creative Catalyst Workshops were made possible thanks to the Garneau Nicon Family Foundation in Seattle. To support these workshops going forward, we have established a sliding scale registration fee structure in which you choose a fee that is possible for you. To provide equal access to all, we have included an option of attending the workshop for free. Please help us keep this series going by paying what you can! Our cost per person is $15.00 USD.

Steps to Register – NEW!!!
  1. Complete the registration form -> REGISTER.
  2. Pay the registration fee, if applicable.
  3. Check your email for a confirmation that your registration has been accepted.
  4. Follow the link in the confirmation email to sign up for the Zoom meeting.
  5. Check your email for confirmation and a link to join the meeting when the workshop begins.

The Creative Catalyst Series brings the practice of creative expression to you wherever you are in the world.


This workshop will take place in a private and secure PYE Zoom room.

  • UPDATE TO ZOOM 5.0: This update is REQUIRED to be able to join Zoom meetings after May 30. If you haven’t updated to the latest version of Zoom, you can do so by following the steps given here.
  • CHANGE YOUR NAME IN ZOOM: Once you enter the workshop, consider changing your name to your preferred name, your preferred pronouns, and your location. You can do this by selecting «Participants» on your toolbar, finding your name and hovering over it, clicking «More», and selecting «Rename».
  • RECORDING: This workshop will be recorded for possible promotional use; participant video will not be shared without permission. There will be no recording of private conversations in break out rooms.
  • INSTALL ZOOM: Before the workshop, you will need to install the Zoom app and check to make sure that your camera, speaker and microphone are working properly. For help in getting Zoom set up on your device, here are some resources:
  • VIDEO: When you enter the room, your video will be on; you can turn it off at any time by clicking on the camera icon.
  • AUDIO: All participants will be ‘MUTED’ until given permission by the facilitator. You turn your audio on and off by clicking on the microphone icon. And if you have excessive noise in your environment, please ‘MUTE’ unless you are talking.
  • CHAT: You can submit questions and comments to the group or directly to the facilitator through the chat feature. Click “CHAT” and a chat box will appear. Here you can view and make comments and ask questions.
  • IN MEETING SUPPORT: If you have technical issues once you are in the workshop, you can chat with our “Support” person privately through the chat feature and we will do our best to assist you.


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July 07 - July 07, 2020
(9am Seattle / Vancouver | 11am Bogota | 12pm Toronto | 1pm Rio de Janeiro | 5pm London | 6pm Cape Town | 9:30pm Bangalore)


Zoom, Online, Worldwide


90 minutes

Prerequisites: No previous experience required.

Registration Fee: Sliding Scale

Frequently Asked Questions

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“The Live Forum gives me the chance to reflect on my facilitation work with a community of other practitioners. To be able to work through successes and failures, through case studies and examples with others, has allowed me to continue learning and growing in my facilitation."

Andrew Nalani

Partners for Youth Empowerment Lead Facilitator, Uganda/USA, Graduate Student

"The 'Live Forum' has been immensely helpful to me. My confidence as a facilitator has increased, my connection to the greater community has grown, and I have learned so much.”

Nesreen Ali

Creative Facilitator

“The 'Live Forum' helps me feel connected to other social artists and deepen my practice. They understand me in a way that no one else does! I get to be celebrated and supported, and I think through the biggest issues in my work.”

Barb Danielewski

Creative Facilitator, Kingston ON, Canada


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