Inner Development

Airport Exercise

This imagination game helps break big dreams down into small steps.

time 30 mins
time 10 or more (requires an even number)


  • Each person writes a dream they have for the future on a slip of paper. It should be something they will do themselves, not something that will happen by luck or that someone else will do for them
  • Trade slips with a partner. Choose partner (A) and partner (B).
  • Back up a little, and pretend you have just met at a train station or airport. Greet each as if you are old friends who haven’t met in a long time. Partner (A) says something like: I heard you accomplished (the dream written on the slip of paper)! I saw it in the newspaper! How wonderful! Tell me how you did it!
  • (B) describes the steps they went through in order to accomplish their dream. (A) can help by asking questions. (i.e., What kinds of challenges did you encounter? Who helped you? How did you prepare yourself? Or even use simple prompts like, then what did you do? or what happened next?). Encourage (A) to be creative, and imagine it worked out in the best possible way
  • Switch 
  • Take time to write down some of the ideas that came up

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