Group Building

Count to Ten

A game to teach participants to quietly tune into one another. We often start an evening of theatre improvisation with this game. Note: Once the group succeeds, they often want to try for a higher number. Don’t fall for it. It’s better to stop with a win!

time 5-10 mins
time 15 or more
  • Give this instruction: “The goal of this activity is for the group to count to ten together. But here is how. When I say ‘go,’ anyone can say 1, someone else will then say 2. The numbers must be said in order, and each by a different person. No other words can be spoken. No gestures can be used.
  • “If two people say a number at the same time or if the order is broken, go back to the beginning and try again.”
  • Encourage your participants. If they repeatedly fail, ask them to try with their eyes closed.
  • If they continue to fail, you can increase the odds of success by saying, “From now on, only people who haven’t yet said a number can go.” (Do what you can to end the game with success.)
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