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You can use this activity as part of a theatre game sequence to increase improvisational skills and comfort in front of an audience. It also works as an experiential learning activity to ignite conversation about emotions, body, nonverbal communication, and connection.

time 15-20 mins
time 15 or more


4 chairs.


  • Set up 4 chairs as if they are the seats in a car.
  • Three volunteers sit in seats. (A) is the driver, (B) is in the other front seat, (C) is in one of the back seats. They begin by pretending they are on a road trip.
  • A hitchhiker (D) is standing on the road. The driver stops the car and one of the riders invites (D) to join them. When (D) enters the car, (D) acts out a strong emotion or characteristic. For example, they might act terrified, timid, or overbearing. They might speak very loudly or in a whisper. They might be very itchy or they might sing instead of speaking.
  • As (A), (B) and (C) continue to ride along with (D) in the car, they gradually pick up on the characteristic demonstrated by (D) so that everyone in the car is acting terrified, timid or overbearing, etc.
  • After a short time the driver finds an excuse to stop and get out of the car. Everyone then shifts position. (B) moves to the driver’s seat, (C) moves to the front seat, and (D) moves to (C)’s position. They drive on and notice there is a new hitchhiker. They invite the hitchhiker in and the game continues.
  • Play until there are no more volunteers in the group, or until the time is up.

Facilitation Note: Ask people to avoid taking on a characteristic such as a particular physical or mental condition that could be interpreted as making fun of that condition.

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