Live Forum: 3rd Thursday

Online, International

TOPIC: To be determined

Live Forums are an important part of our online network connecting thousands of facilitators, youth workers, workshop leaders, and educators around the world. Held on the third Thursday of every month, they provide a convenient but powerful way to gather and share knowledge and experience in a way that bridges distance.

Each online event is focused on a specific aspect of Creative Community facilitation, and led by one of Partners for Youth Empowerment’s lead facilitators. Held on Facebook, the forums are free and lots of fun. Anyone who works with groups of youth or adults, or wants to increase their impact and creativity, will benefit.

The live forums are entirely written, beginning with a brief check-in and a set of goals and agreements that everyone is welcome to contribute to. The lead facilitator’s periodic posts guide the discussion, which unfolds as participants comment.

You are free to come and go throughout the assembly. Join for as long as your schedule allows, and feel free to return later to review parts of the discussion you missed. Join us!

8am Seattle | 11am Toronto | 2pm Rio de Janeiro | 4pm London | 6pm Cape Town | 9:30pm Bangalore

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March 19 - March 19, 2020
(8am Seattle | 11am Toronto | 2pm Rio de Janeiro | 4pm London | 6pm Cape Town | 9:30pm Bangalore)


Facebook, Online, International


90 minutes

Prerequisites: None

Registration Fee: FREE

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"The 3rd Thursday Assembly has been immensely helpful to me. My confidence as a facilitator has increased, my connection to the greater community has grown, and I have learned so much.”

Nesreen Ali

Creative Facilitator

“3rd Thursday helps me feel connected to other social artists and deepen my practice. They understand me in a way that no one else does! I get to be celebrated and supported, and I think through the biggest issues in my work.”

Barb Danielewski

Creative Facilitator, Kingston ON, Canada

“The Live Forum gives me the chance to reflect on my facilitation work with a community of other practitioners. To be able to work through successes and failures, through case studies and examples with others, has allowed me to continue learning and growing in my facilitation."

Andrew Nalani

Partners for Youth Empowerment Lead Facilitator, Uganda/USA, Graduate Student


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