One Heart Beating

A happy song by Sue Kirkpatrick that brings a group together in harmony.

This is a really happy song which allows the group to come together for a short section of ‘one heart beating’. It’s a really nice way to create harmony. History: Words and music by Sue Kirkpatrick, choir director of Two Bays Choir. © 2003 APRA/AMCOS


Part 1
We are one world, one voice, one heart beating
We are one world, one voice, one heart beating
Part 2
Everybody living in this world
Everybody’s got a voice, let’s use it
Everybody living in this world;  One heart beating
Part 3
We are one world – we are one heart beating
We are one world – one heart beating

*The featured video was not produced by Partners for Youth Empowerment.

Video Credit:  markathy606

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