Scholarship Program

Equitable Programming

Accessible Programs and Resources

PYE has a long commitment to ensuring accessible and equitable access to tools, training and resources that connect teachers, youth workers and other youth serving professionals with the Creative Empowerment Model. And the need for Creative Empowerment Model training is growing!

The Partners for Youth Empowerment offers a wide range of programming and resources for facilitators at every level of expertise, both online and in person.

Free Online Resources

Free and low cost tools you can immediately access include: 

  • Creative Catalyst Workshop Series – 1 1/2 hour workshops offered twice per month on a sliding scale (available for free if needed)
  • PYE Community Forum – a place for resources and discussion for facilitators from around the globe
  • Our Free Tools Page has links to Activities, Songs and Recommended Reading
  • The 5 Facilitation Power Tools‘, a free e-book; you will receive this resource by email when you sign up for the PYE newsletter.
  • Newsletter – stay up to date with news of our upcoming training opportunities. Sign up at the bottom of this page.
  • Our YouTube page has a variety of videos about PYE and our programs and activities

Paid Opportunities

The following trainings offer a more focused study of the Partners for Youth Empowerment training methodology. See the individual opportunitues for applicable registration fees.

  • Advanced Training – offers in depth study and practice of the Creative Empowerment Model in trainings such as the Art of Facilitation.
  • Creative Faciltiation Training – Two 12 hour (2-day) trainings giving participants a taste of the power of the Creative Empowerment Model (CF1 and CF2).
  • Special Topic Workshops – 3 hour, or 6 hour workshops on specific topics
  • Creative Catalyst Workshop Series – 1 1/2 hour workshops offered twice per month on a sliding scale (available for free if needed)
  • Catch the Fire, our book about the Creative Empowerment Model is available for purchase. It was written by our founders Peggy Taylor and Charlie Murphy.

Scholarship Program

We receive many requests for support in attending our adult in-person and online trainings. In both 2018 and 2019 PYE subsidized $270K in scholarships to make our adult training programs available to people in the youth serving field who traditionally are underpaid for their services.

All of the trainings and workshops at Partners for Youth Empowerment are either free, or offered on a sliding fee scale so that participants can choose a rate that fit their ability to pay. If your circumstances do not allow you to attend at our posted rates, you are welcome to request a scholarship. Our goal is to meet the increasing demand.

When requesting a scholarship, be sure to let us know what training or workshop you would like a scholarship for. We will contact you when space becomes available for a scholarship participant in a workshop or training that you indiated an interest in. Scholarships are awarded on a first come, first serve basis. Please understand that our scholarship opportunities are limited and may not be immdiately available.

For more information about our trainings – Training FAQs.