A song about the present by Becky Reardon, shared by facilitator Rebekka Goldsmith.

In this video, US based Facilitator and Music Educator Rebekka Goldsmith shares the beautiful song “This” which was written by Becky Reardon. Becky’s songs and rounds are sung in circles, classrooms and by university and community choirs all across the United States, Canada, and the British Isles.

Tips: Some of the harmonies in this song are more difficult to grasp, so you may want to invite the group to move to the part of the room and the harmony they feel most comfortable with.


Group 1: This body, this breathing, this, this

Group 2: (in higher pitch than group 1) This body, this breathing, this

Group 3: This light surrounding sound and beckoning

Group 4: (in higher pitch than group 3) This light surrounding sound and beckoning

Video Credit: Jesse Sternburg and Gani Naylor

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