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Certification Training

PYE certificate trainings allow facilitators to experience, practice and deepen their understanding of PYE’s Creative Empowerment Model (CEM). In all of our trainings, participants will be challenged to explore their own creativity and build their facilitation toolkit. Understanding and integrating the CEM into your own facilitation practices involves deep and experiential practice with a focus on internal transformation.  Alumni often tell us that these trainings are the missing piece in their professional development. We will guide you through this process one training at a time.

To achieve the greatest depth of understanding and embodiment of the CEM, we recommended taking the trainings in sequence. 

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Creative Facilitation 1
Using Creative Arts In Facilitation

Build a toolbox of easy-to-apply Creative Empowerment strategies. Boost your creativity and increase your confidence with groups.

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Creative Facilitation 2
Facilitation, Design & Practice

Develop your skills and confidence as a Creative Empowerment Facilitator through activities and hands-on practice.

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Art of Facilitation
Moving into Mastery

Move towards mastery through skill training, practice, mentoring, and personal development activities with an enduring community of practitioners.

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See our Online Training Guide for a complete list of technical requirements and Zoom tips required in PYE’s online trainings.

Training Descriptions

This 2-day (6 hour) experiential training introduces you to the world of Creative Empowerment Facilitation. CF1 provides a framework for integrating creative practices into all aspects of your facilitation. Whether you are a new or experienced facilitator, this is the place to begin your training in Creative Empowerment Facilitation.

  • Learn new facilitation strategies.
  • Learn how to weave creative activities into any program to increase depth, relevance, and engagement.
  • Learn strategies for developing a safe space that allows people to take creative risks that bonds a group as if by magic.
  • Receive a tool box of easy-to-lead activities you can use the very next day to bring depth and heart to your programs.
  • Gain confidence in your creativity and your ability to be an engaging and inspirational leader.

You can use what you learn in CF1 in any program regardless of the content, format, or audience. Increase your impact and effectiveness as a group leader:
  • Build strong, cohesive groups
  • Make learning fun and memorable
  • Engage a wide range of learning styles
  • Boost inner motivation and confidence
  • Develop key life skills
  • Bring out the quiet voices
  • Minimize resistance and disruptive behavior

In CF1 we hope that you discover how creative you actually are and that we all have an innate ability to express ourselves—once we know we don’t have to be perfect! Also, athough you’ll be learning to lead creative activities, no experience with the arts is required. This training is for:
  • Beginning and advanced facilitators
  • Teachers, youth workers, counselors
  • Teaching artists
  • Social service professionals
  • Life coaches
  • People who lead adult trainings
  • Experienced facilitators who want to learn new skills
  • Anyone who wants to jump start their creativity
Leading great programs is both an art and a science. In this 2-day (6 hour) experiential training you’ll learn about the art of facilitation: how to present yourself to a group, gain trust, read the needs of your group, and bring out the strengths of each participant. You’ll also learn about the science of facilitation: how to structure your programs for success and lead your opening session to engage people and keep them engaged.

In Creative Facilitation 2 we use learning and practice to help you to develop skills and confidence as a Creative Empowerment Facilitator. You’ll gain proven tools from the fields of group dynamics, motivational learning, and positive psychology. You’ll practice 3 key facilitation skills—deep listening, authentic speaking, and presence. And you’ll have a chance to practice leading with encouragement from your fellow learners.

You will leave with an understanding of:
  • A step-by-step community building process
  • The three levels of listening
  • Ways build a positive group culture
  • How to engage everyone equally
  • How to build momentum and keep it going
  • How to use your body and voice in facilitation
  • Ways to increase your joy and confidence in working with groups

CF2 provides you with the facilitation skills and practice to optimize the tools and strategies you learned in CF1. To get the most out of CF2, attend CF1 first. This training is for experienced facilitators who want to learn new skills including:
  • Teachers, youth workers, counselors
  • Teaching artists
  • Social service professionals
  • Life coaches
  • People who lead adult trainings
The Art of Facilitation (AOF) Training is an in-depth leadership and facilitation training where you’ll learn proven techniques for bringing depth, relevance, and lasting impact to your programs, classrooms, or teams. Embark on a powerful learning journey with a supportive, creative community of fellow practitioners.

In AOF we use skill training, practice, mentoring, and personal development to move you toward Creative Empowerment Facilitation mastery. Based on the premise that effective facilitators are authentic, creative, responsible, and passionate, the training weaves personal growth with skill building and practice. You will receive supportive coaching every step of the way to develop the emotional capacity to lead deep programs, learn to facilitate equitable spaces, and much more.

You’ll collaborate with colleagues in a creative learning community to develop, design and lead transformational learning programs that change lives. You will learn and practice all three aspects of the Creative Empowerment Model: Experiential Learning, Arts-Based Practices, and Leading Edge Facilitation Skills.

You will learn:
  • Facilitation skills
  • Effective communication
  • Group dynamics
  • Cultural competency
  • Personal development
  • Presentation skills
  • Program design
  • Creative arts skills
  • Using story in facilitation

Advanced Facilitation training is delivered in a variety of formats, from 2 days to 5 sessions, over several months depending on the location.

We invite:
  • Teachers, youth workers, counselors
  • Teaching artists
  • Social service professionals
  • People who lead adult trainings
  • Experienced facilitators who want to learn to work with youth

This training provides certification in the Art of Facilitation. You can freely adapt and apply the Creative Empowerment Model to your context. This does not allow you to facilitate PYE certificate trainings. These are delivered exclusively by PYE trainers.

So many reasons to join a PYE certificate training . . .

The Creative Empowerment Model methodology has been externally evaluated. The findings indicate that it offers a powerful foundation for designing and delivering quality youth programs.

Our Creative Facilitation training is highly practical and experiential and will give you a manual that will help you to design and implement effective programs for youth. These skills can be applied right away.

PYE training is unique.

It goes to the heart of using facilitation to develop vital social and emotional skills in young people and increase your impact.

The skills and insights that you learn at a Creative Facilitation training are easy to share and implement with your groups and with other team members after the training.