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Studies show that creative expression reduces stress and trauma, increases the immune response, and fosters personal well being and group connection. Creative Catalyst Series features free 90 minute workshops each Tuesday led by PYE facilitators from around the world. Each workshop demonstrates how to use creative expression for your own well being as well as to deepen the impact of any work you may do with groups of youth or adults, online or in person. No previous experience is required to benefit from these workshops.  

These workshops are offered for FREE every Tuesday from April through June 2020. Click on a workshop below to get registered for an upcoming workshop.


When: Tuesdays

How long: 90 minutes

Start Time: 9am Seattle / Vancouver | 11am Bogota |12pm Toronto | 3pm Rio de Janeiro | 5pm London | 7pm Cape Town | 10:30pm Bangalore; or, visit a time zone conversion clock to determine the start time in your area.

Register: You need to register to receive the Zoom link. See the list of offerings for links and more information.

Platform: Zoom. You will need video and audio capacity.

Format: All of our workshops are experiential and interactive. You’ll have time with the facilitator in the large group and time to reflect in small groups with folks from around the world. When participating, plan to stay online during breakout groups (and, ideally for the whole workshop!) as leaving the session will disrupt the activities.


Providing invaluable guidance and support to the facilitators and participants in these workshops is Devon Little. Devon works as a facilitator, trainer and mediator guided by the values of community, social justice and dignity. Her long-time studies in the arts inspire her to use artistic mediums to help participants cultivate personal awareness, effective communication, and leadership skills.

The Creative Catalyst Series brings the practice of creative expression to you wherever you are in the world.

This program is offered for FREE by Partners for Youth Empowerment.

We appreciate any donations you give to support these workshops. The suggested donation is $10. Thank you!

To see a list of other trainings offered by Partners for Youth Empowerment, see our Schedule.


  • April 21 – Moving Into Presence: A Movement Workshop with Silvia Giovannoni
  • April 28 – Look Out for Hope: A Creative Writing Workshop with Stef Turner
  • May 5 – Engage your Creativity through Imagination Games with Devon Little and Alan Wong
  • May 12 – Connecting with Nature / Connecting with Ourselves with Marisol Rosa-Shapiro
  • May 19 – Using Visual Facilitation to Reach Your Goals with Christopher Malapitan
  • May 26 – Windows on Our World: Connecting Our Global Community through Creative Expression with Alan Wong


“The Live Forum gives me the chance to reflect on my facilitation work with a community of other practitioners. To be able to work through successes and failures, through case studies and examples with others, has allowed me to continue learning and growing in my facilitation."

Andrew Nalani

Partners for Youth Empowerment Lead Facilitator, Uganda/USA, Graduate Student

"The 'Live Forum' has been immensely helpful to me. My confidence as a facilitator has increased, my connection to the greater community has grown, and I have learned so much.”

Nesreen Ali

Creative Facilitator

“The 'Live Forum' helps me feel connected to other social artists and deepen my practice. They understand me in a way that no one else does! I get to be celebrated and supported, and I think through the biggest issues in my work.”

Barb Danielewski

Creative Facilitator, Kingston ON, Canada