Group Building


Build the energy of the group with this fun and energizing game.

time 5 mins
time 12 or more


  1. Form a circle with one person (“it”) standing in the center.  
  2. “It” points to someone and says, “Bippidy, bippidy, bop” as fast as they can.
  3. That person must say “bop” before “it” does. Otherwise they become “it” and go into the center of the circle. The person who was “it” takes their place in the circle.
  4. “It” can also point at someone and simply say “bop.” In this case, the person pointed to must remain silent. If they say anything, they become “it.”

Variations: There are many variations to this game that engage 3 people on the perimeter of the circle at one time:   

Toaster: “It” points at someone and says, “Toaster.” That person needs to crouch down, jump up and say “butter me, I’m done.” The people on either side hold arms up and out strait creating a “toaster” around the person being pointed at. If “it” tags one of the three people making the toaster before they are in position, the tagged person becomes “it” and moves to the center.   

Rock Star: “It” points at someone and says, “Rock Star.” That person holds their hands in front of their mouth like they are singing into a microphone. The people on either side turn away from that person and pretend to play a guitar.

Elephant: “It” points at someone and says, “Elephant.” That person holds their right arm out and takes hold of their upper right arm with their left hand to represent an elephant’s trunk. The people on either side face the middle person and hold their arms up to represent ears.

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