Inner Development

Rock Talk

This experiential activity opens conversations about diversity, empathy, and sensitivity.

time 45 mins
time 10 or more

Equipment: a bag of random rocks that fit into the hand. You can replace rocks with a variety of leaves, twigs or other objects from nature.

  1. Place the rocks in the middle of the group
  2. Invite each person choose one. Spend at least ten minutes getting to know the rock. Notice its color, texture, shape, weight, smell etc.  
  3. Put them all back into the bag and mix them up. Pour them out again.
  4. Notice how long it takes each person to find their rock.
  5. Go around the circle and ask each person to introduce their rock. They can name the rock or talk about it in any way they want.  


  • Do all rocks look the same?
  • How did your perception of your rock change as you spent time with it?
  • How did your feeling about your rock change as you spent time with it?
  • How easy or difficult was it to find your rock again?
  • How did introducing your rock make you feel about it?
  • What might this mean about people, places, or ideas?
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