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Yes, And

This imagination-based storytelling game works with groups from 5 years old and up. The game ignites the imagination, develops listening skills, and generates a positive atmosphere in your group. 

Begin by asking participants to form circles of 3 or 4 people and decide who will go first (A).

  • (A) begins by making up a story. It can be any story, past, present, or future. After setting the stage through three or four sentences, (A) stops at the end of a sentence. 
  • (B) picks up the story with the words, “Yes, and…”  (B) then continues to tell the story in the same voice as (A). This means, if the story was started in the first person, the story continues in first person. (B) adds three or four sentences and stops at the end of a sentence.
  • (C) then picks up the story with, “Yes, and…”, adds to the story and stops at the end of a sentence. The story continues around and around the circle with each person picking up with the words, “Yes, and…”  
  • Let the storytelling go for 7-10 minutes and then call “stop.”  

Facilitator Tip:  Make sure participants know they are to come to the end of a sentence before passing it on to the next person. Demonstrate what you mean by everyone in the circle using the same storytelling voice. Encourage participants to stand up while playing this game. People naturally add more gestures and energy to their stories when they are standing. 

The following video features, Devon Little and Alan Wong giving instructions and demonstrating this activity during their online workshop: ‘Imagination Games’ that took place as a part of the Creative Catalyst Workshop Series in May 2020.

Click here for the Activity Outline with Zoom Facilitation Tips.pdf

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