Group Building

Yes, Let’s . . .

This game engages the imagination, body, and voice and fosters a “yes” atmosphere in your group. 

Begin with your group standing randomly in the center of your room. The facilitator says, “Hey everybody, let’s (and they say an action like: fly around like birds.) The group in unison enthusiastically says, “Yes, let’s.” And then everyone begins to fly around like birds. At a certain point another participant calls out loudly, “Hey everybody, let’s (another action). The entire group stops and says in unison, “Yes, let’s.” Everyone starts doing the new movement. Participants call out “Hey everybody” any time they want to offer a new movement. Continue the game as long as you like. A good way to conclude is for the facilitator to say, “Hey, everybody. Let’s all sit in our chairs.”

Sample of actions: swim in the ocean, climb a tree, walk in deep mud, hop up and down. 

The following video features, Devon Little and Alan Wong giving instructions and demonstrating this activity during their online workshop: ‘Imagination Games’ that took place as a part of the Creative Catalyst Workshop Series in May 2020.

Click here for the Activity Outline with Zoom Facilitation Tips.pdf

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