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Clapping Circle

Use eye contact and rhythm to promote focus, listening, flexibility, and connection.

time 5-10 mins
time 8 or more


  • Stand in a circle.
  • Facilitator turns to the person to their right and asks them to look into their eyes and clap at the same time as they clap.
  • That person turns to the next person, looks them in the eye and and they clap at the same time. Keep passing the clap around the circle in this way.
  • Ask the group how they can be even more synchronized. (Eye contact, staying in rhythm, anticipating the clap.)
  • The facilitator starts the clap again. After the new clap has started to make its way around the circle, send another clap in the same direction. The two claps continue to move around the circle in synch. Continue adding new claps. The claps should be in time with each other. Note: To be sure to catch the next clap, participants need to look back to the left as soon as they have passed a clap to the person on their right.
  • You can eventually add in so many new claps that everyone is consistently clapping.
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