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This is not a . . .

This game ignites the imagination, engages the body and voice, and generates a lot of laughter. 

You’ll need a stick, water bottle, marker, or similar object for each group of 8-12 people.  

  • The leader (A) holds the stick (or other object) and says, “This is not a stick, it is a (fill in the blank—comb, for example). They then demonstrate using the stick as a comb, making appropriate motions and sound effects. 
  • The leader then passes the stick to the person on their left. 
  • Person B repeats the leader’s demonstration of the comb, copying their movement and sound as accurately as possible while saying, “This is not a comb…” Person B then gives the stick  another identity, saying “This is a (fill in the blank—say, a pair of scissors). Person B demonstrates the pair of scissors with movement and sound and then passes the stick on to the person to their left. 
  • Person C, repeats B’s demonstration of the pair of scissors copying the sounds and movement as accurately as possible while saying, “This is not a pair of scissors.” They then give the stick a new identity and demonstrate the new object in movement and sound. And so, it goes, around the circle.    

Facilitator Tip:  Emphasize the importance of using exaggerated movement and a strong sound to demonstrate the object. Encourage participants to copy the person before them as accurately as possible.  

The following video features, Devon Little and Alan Wong giving instructions and demonstrating this activity during their online workshop: ‘Imagination Games’ that took place as a part of the Creative Catalyst Workshop Series in May 2020.

Click here for the Activity Outline with Zoom Facilitation Tips.pdf

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