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Zip Zap Boing

This much-loved theater game develops focus, listening, flow, and flexibility, and helps people befriend failure.

time 10 mins
time 6 or more


In this game there are three sounds and movement and one way to respond when you make a mistake. Begin by sharing each sound and movement giving the group the chance to practice one at a time. Once they’ve practiced all three, begin the game using all three sounds and movements. See how fast and how long the group can keep it going. Ask the group for ideas on how to improve.

  • “Zip” sends the sound to the person next to you, to the right or left.
  • “Zap” sends the sound to someone across the person (at least one person away from you).
  • “Boing” bounces the sound back to the sender (hold both hands up, palm forward facing the sender as you say “boing”).

When someone makes a mistake, they circle their arms in the air and make a dramatic pronouncement: “Oh no!!! I made a mistake!” And then they start the play again with one of the commands.



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